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Grade Point Average or a GPA is every student’s nightmare. Over the age, there have been countless arguments and controversies, surrounding GPAs. Basic issues such as the need of GPA to complex debates such as, if GPA can be used to determine a student’s understanding of the subject. Before knowing how to calculate GPA, it is imperative to know what comprises Grade Point Average. It is a standard used to determine the standard of a student’s performance, academic wise.

The significance of a GPA varies from one form of educational institute to another. For instance, if a student scores a high GPA in high school, that can be used to determine, if a student can get into a particular college. Same goes for college GPA. Depending on a person’s college GPA, a company may decide to take on a particular candidate or not.

Although the purpose of GPA is the same, there are many formulae used in knowing how to calculate GPA. These different formulae may apply to both schools and college. Also, the value of a GPA varies from institution to institution. For instance a 3.3 GPA may be a B grade or a B- depending from school to school. To calculate the GPA as per the school/college one is planning to apply, they can calculate it accordingly.

This can be illustrated with the help of an example. The example is listed as below:

Suppose a school’s GPA’s values are: A= 4.0, A- = 3.67, B= 3.33, B- = 2.67, C= 2.33, C- = 1.67, D= 1.0, D- = .67, F=0.0.

If a person does three classes a term, and earns an A, B and a C-, to calculate the GPA, one would have to add them together and divide the total by the number of classes. So in this case, it would be
4.0+3.33+1.67/3 = 8.97/3 which gives us 2.99, which means the student gets a B grade.

Calculating a GPA of one semester is not enough, to get the grand total, it is important to know the GPA of every semester. The total GPA is also called the culminative Grade Point Average. Here, the GPA of every semester is taken into consideration and divided by the total number of classes. If one is unable to calculate the figures manually, there are special GPA calculators available online too. This is where one can enter the values and calculate the accurate GPA or CGPA.

There are two types of GPAs: weighted GPA and unweighted GPA. Unweighted GPA is the regular method of calculating the total score by adding the value of the grades and dividing it by the number of subjects or classes taken. Whereas the weighted GPA, is a tactic to increase a student’s grade. But this GPA generally depends on the level of the course that is undertaken by the student.

GPA, be it weighted or unweighted is an important part of a student’s life. Students and parents, at times, even teachers may crib about the insignificance of GPA in the corporate world, but it is also a standard measurement to know, how much a student has grasped the course. Knowing how to calculate GPA is only a ripple in the pond.

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