Lowndes High School

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Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia is one of the few high schools in the area and is considered to be one of the best. There is a sufficient amount of teachers who devote their time to teaching the proper curriculum and making sure that the material is understood.

Many students who have attended find the atmosphere relaxing and friendly. The teachers help to challenge the student and to prepare them for a great college experience.

Lowndes has above and beyond extra-cirricular activites. The football team is one of the best in Ga. The baseball team is known nationally, the women’s softball team is consistently in the state playoffs, the cross country teams dominates the region as does the soccer teams. The Marching Band is the best. They have won countless grand championships, and were named national champions in 1997. The Off-Broadway (drama) and AFROTC continually are named region champs as well.

However, along with good reviews there are some parents of students who feel that Lowndes has issues and problems that need to be addressed. They feel that there are gang issues for both white and black people that need to be taken care of by the school administration. Also that the school may face overcrowding if something is not done.